Restaurant Fast Food Code Changes in New York City

We are no longer a market for risks in the Fast Food sub-group codes in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

This change applies to both new business beginning March 29, 2024 and renewals beginning with the effective date of May 1st, 2024. Non-renewal notice for the current policy will be communicated compliantly per state requirements. 


Fast Food Codes: 

Cafes 09001
Cafeteria Style – Buffet 09021
Caterers  09996
Chicken 09031
Concession Stands/Snack Bars 09051
Delicatessens & Sandwich Shops 09071
Donut Shops 09091
Drive-Ins/Service in Car 09111
Hamburger/Malt Shops  09151
Hotdog Shops  09161
Pizza Shops 09201
Pretzel Shops  09995
Roast Beef 09221
Seafood 09241
Take Out Only Restaurants-No on-Premises Consumption of Food 09251
Convenience Food Stores With Fast Food Restaurant – No Gasoline Sales 09341
Asian Style 09181
Other Ethnic Style 09191
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