Appliance stores, Electronics stores, Variety stores, Furniture & Home furnishing stores Code Changes

We are no longer a market for the following risks in the appliance stores, electronics stores, variety stores, furniture & home furnishing stores codes. 

This change applies to both new business beginning March 29, 2024 and renewals beginning with the effective date of May 1st, 2024. Non-renewal notice for the current policy will be communicated compliantly per state requirements.  


Appliance, electronics, variety stores, furniture & home furnishing stores codes: 

Electronics Stores 57326
Appliance Stores-Household Appliances and Home Furnishings 57224
Home Furnishings Stores 57224
Furniture-Upholstered-Retail Only 57121
Furniture-Wood or Metal-Retail Only 57128
Variety Stores-Discount Houses  53315
Variety Stores-Five and Ten Cent Stores 53317
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