What is Ivans Download?

What is Agency Download Service? 

The Agency Download Service is an automated process that allows Attune Insurance policy information to download directly into an agency’s management system.

  • Ivans Download translates the data into a shareable format across multiple agency systems. Click here to download the guide.
  • The policy data is synchronized between Attune Insurance and the agency via updating the data on the agency’s system.
  • Ivans Download streamlines the process using ACORD standards to drive agency efficiency and reduce E&O(errors and omissions) exposure.

This will save time by eliminating re-keying of data as well as allowing for easier policy administration with a single workflow for your employees. The result, more time to concentrate on service and revenue-generating activities. 

What is Download? 

Download may be Policy, Claims, and Direct Bill Commission Statement, eDocs and/or Messages. It allows the agency staff to use their agency management system to maintain data or handle documentation without having to enter it manually, ultimately reducing keystrokes required to perform the necessary service functions. 

Out of these, Attune will offer the following Download services:

  • Data - Policy information, anything on your insurance carriers Declaration page 
  • eDocs - Supported types of documents – Images, Word Docs, Text documents, PDFs, Excel Spreadsheet 
  • Messages - Information that may have previously been sent by email, fax or had to be retrieved on the carrier’s website 

Read this blog for more details.


What is the Download Calculator?

Ivans eDocs &/or Messages Download Calculator measures how much an agency spends handling paper manually? You can find it here  Download Savings Calculator

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