How does quoting and binding work with Neptune Flood?

We now provide Flood quotes to all eligible insured accounts through our integration with Neptune Flood.

Where available, you'll see the quote in the BOP product card with an existing BOP policy. You may also start a standalone quote by choosing the Neptune Flood product card.

Choosing the "View quote" link for a given quote will open the Neptune agent portal in a new browser tab. You should automatically be signed in and see the details of the submitted quote for the selected insured.

Many of the details have been prefilled and you are required to update all information to be accurate. This may lead to a premium change given the updated quote.

Once you have updated information, the policy may be bound from the Neptune agent portal.

Your insured will be emailed a link to a document for eSignature. Signature is required within 30 days from the effective date. They will be required to provide payment (debit, credit card, or ACH) in order for the policy to become active.

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