Why is the domain field important? What if the insured does not have a website?

For generating a Cyber quote we ask for the insured’s company website. If the insured does not have a website, please fill out the email address. Although optional, it is highly recommended. Here is why.

  • What is a domain and why do we need it?
    • Consider a domain to be the digital address of a business’s online presence. This includes all domains, subdomains, and IP addresses.
    • When a property insurer looks at physical locations, they look at buildings construction (bricks and sticks), sprinklers, if the building is located in a flood or earthquake zone, etc. This additional information allows the insurer to both underwrite and make recommendations to reduce the insured’s risk (firewalls were a construction technique long before they were a thing in IT). Similarly, we use the domain information to holistically assess an insured’s cyber risk.
  • How does adding a domain help you?
    • Less chances of referral - Having complete information reduces the need for us to to follow up
    • Accurate pricing - Accurate risk assessment on our part leads to a more accurate pricing
    • Better protection against cyber attacks - Coalition offers tailored recommendations to improve the insured's cybersecurity
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