How does Coalition support Broker of Record (BOR) designations?

Based on the company name, domain(s), and address you enter while quoting, you may receive a BOR notification (we use "fuzzy" matching to account for differences in information entered for the same company). 

This means another agency has entered a submission for this company.  In order for Coalition to transfer the BOR to your agency, please obtain a signed BOR letter from the company or a completed ACORD 36 and contact Attune Customer Care.

Typical information included with a BOR letter include:  

    • Company name  BOR effective date 
    • Policy number (if applicable)  
    • A statement appointing your firm as the exclusive insurance broker (The letter should be on the insured’s letterhead )

Once Coalition receives the letter from Attune, it  grants a five-day grace period to allow the current BOR to respond. Following this grace period, Coalition will assign the BOR to you.  If you believe the BOR notification was received in error, please contact Attune and we will work with you to resolve any issues.

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