What is the Attune New Business Quick Application?

Here at Attune we understand how it important it is to get things off your desk as soon as possible! 
We took the liberty of creating a New Business Application that mimics the same condensed list of questions asked in our portal. We created this with the end client in mind, something simple that aligns with our product offerings. 
When to use Attune’s Quick App:
  • You can use this application as an alternative to the Acord form. (We will still accept completed Acords if you already have them filled out.)
  • We highly encouraged quoting directly through our portal, but can acknowledge there are certain circumstances were manual quoting is required. When you run into a situation where you need a manual quote please complete an Attune New Business Application (see below for a copy), and submit it to our Customer Care team here.
  • If you need to endorse a policy with an additional location, you can fill out the building portion of this form and submit it to our Customer Care Team here
As always we appreciate your continued feedback, please let us know if you have any questions regarding our New Business Quick Application.
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