Configuring your agency's banking and tax information to receive commissions

In order to make it easier to get commission payments, we allow you to self-service and submit your banking and tax information (W9) via the Attune Portal.  

Note - In order to access this functionality, please do so from a Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser.  This control will not be available in older versions of Internet Explorer.

Who can configure?

In order to access this, you must be added as a finance type user in our portal.  This permission will have already been granted to the commission email address that was provided in your initial registration packet. Your account admin cannot add this user type on the settings page, so if you would like to give a user this access, please contact us at with their name and email address. 

How do I set my banking or tax information?

To enter or change your bank or tax information, click here or you can navigate there in the Portal by clicking on “Settings” in the left navigation and then “Financial Info”.  If you are unable to see the “Financial Info” label, you must be given access to this as described above.



In order to complete the entire form, you’ll need to add the complete contact information of your agency, your preferred payment method, and submit a W9 tax form.

Please note that the Contact Name and address entered in the Address section must match the values entered for the corresponding fields in the W9.


How do I update my banking or tax information?

When you navigate to the page for the first time, the details that we have on file will be visible.  Please confirm this information and update it if it is incorrect or you would like your commission paid to a different account.

You may go back and update this information at any time by visiting the "Financial Info" page and choosing the Edit button.




Non-finance users can now see the Commission sub-tab under the Settings tab.

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