What policy updates do we email to brokers?

You are now able to define who at your agency should receive billing, renewal, and cancellation updates and information.

To subscribe a person or department to updates about a particular policy, add the email address to the broker contact information card while binding the account. 


Agents subscribed to invoice updates will receive, via email:

  • Notices when an invoice is ready to be paid
  • Delinquency notices if an insured is late making payment
  • Confirmation notices when payment is made

Agents subscribed to renewal updates will receive, via email: 

  • Renewal policy documents one month prior to renewal effective date

Agents subscribed to cancellation updates will receive, via email: 

  • Notices of cancellation
  • Reinstatement notices (if reinstatement is requested and processed)

These broker contacts can be edited at any time after bind by clicking the “Edit contact information” button on the account page:  



Please note that brokers do not need to have Attune portal logins to be subscribed to billing, cancellation, and renewal emails. 

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