How can I reinstate a cancelled businessowners' policy?

Attune may review a reinstatement request provided: 

  • The insured meets all current underwriting and eligibility criteria.
    • Please note that eligible classes of business and underwriting requirements may have changed from the inception date of the policy. To ensure the risk meets all eligibility and underwriting criteria, please review our most up-to-date guidelines here
  • The insured has not previously canceled due to non-pay on the current policy term. 
  • The policy cancelation date was within 30 days of the reinstatement request

If the insured meets the above criteria and would like to be reinstated, you must submit a signed and completed No Known Loss Letter (NKLL) within 30 days of the cancelation date to Attune Customer Care

If the request is approved, you will receive an email response confirming reinstatement with instructions for the insured to pay any outstanding premium within 24 hours. The insured must also enroll in automatic payments which can be done when they make a payment, or by the broker from the account page on the Attune portal. Please note that if payment is not received within 72 hours, the policy will remain canceled. 

Upon payment confirmation, Attune will process the Reinstatement request and provide the Reinstatement Policy Document. 

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