How are Workers' Compensation policies audited?

All policies are subject to a Premium audit. These requests will be mailed to the insured directly. They will need to be completed and sent back to:

Premium Audit Department
P.O. Box 539125 18
Henderson, NV 89053-9125 E-mail:

For faster processing, the insured can register for the EACCESS portal and complete the audit online.To get started, EMPLOYERS policyholders simply log into EACCESS and navigate to My Premium Audits. If you do not have an EACCESS account, registration is easy. Go to or check out our step-by-step instructions.

For a tutorial on how audits can be completed, please find the below url leading to a video tutorial 

All final audit notices and requests will be emailed to the agent on record directly from Attune.


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