How are EMPLOYERS® workers' compensation policies audited?

All policies are subject to a Premium audit. This is because your policy was issued based upon estimated payroll figures and classification. During the policy year, changes may occur in your operation. When your policy expires, EMPLOYERS® will need review your operations and actual payroll by classification, and make the appropriate adjustments to calculate a final audit premium (this may result in an additional balance due, a refund, or potential changes to your current policy).


All audit requests will be mailed to the insured directly. The insured will then be able to complete their audit one of three ways:

Premium Audit Department
P.O. Box 539125 18
Henderson, NV 89053-912

Please do not submit your audits to Attune, as we will not be able to process them. All audits must be sent to EMPLOYERS directly before the requested due date.

For a tutorial on how audits can be completed, please watch a video tutorial here


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