How do I pay for my Workers' Compensation policy with EMPLOYERS?

You or the insured can access invoices, make online payments, and enroll in automatic payments through EMPLOYERS®' insured portal, EACCESS. 

EMPLOYERS® accepts online payments, by phone or check. You can also make payment on behalf of the insured at any time using the follow link:

How to set up Online Payments:

  1. To register for payments online, click on this link and click on "need help signing in?", then "register here".
  2. On the next page, select the 'Policyholder' button, enter your policy number, your tax ID (FEIN), and policy effective date.
  3. After setting up your login information, click the "Get Started" link from the dashboard and proceed from there to set up one-time or recurring payments.

To pay over the phone, you or the insured can call the EMPLOYERS® Payment Services Department at 1-800-677-3252.


Check payments may be addressed to the listing below:

EMPLOYERS Payment Services

10375 Professional Circle Drive

Reno, NV 89521


At this time, Attune is not able to accept WC payments. For all billing inquiries, please direct your insured to contact the EMPLOYERS® Payment Services Department.


PrecisePay is the EMPLOYERS (pay-as-you-go) premium payment program that allows policyholders to make smaller, more frequent premium payments by paying each payroll period.

PrecisePay calculates the workers’ compensation premium from a business's actual payroll figures and assigned classifications each time payroll is processed and submitted to EMPLOYERS. State-mandated assessments, taxes, and surcharges are collected in accordance with state law. Payroll information can be submitted to EMPLOYERS by a policyholder or by their approved payroll service provider.

To learn more about PrecisePay, please visit this link.

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