How can I report a Businessowners' claim?

Businessowners' Policy claims are handled by our third party administrators (TPA), Sedgwick and NARS. Which TPA you should contact is based on your Attune policy number. Both Sedgwick and NARS have direct claim intake that can be done via phone or email. 

If your policy # contains an HIBP and is written through Blackboard, please contact Sedgwick. 

If your policy # begins with ABP and is written through Accredited, please contact NARS.

Best Practices for Submitting a Claim

When emailing, you can choose one of two main ways to submit your claim: 

  1. Report your claim with a completed Loss Acord form (a blank form is attached at the bottom of this article)
  2. Include the following pertinent information:
    • Policy number 
    • Policyholder contact information – name, phone number, address, email 
    • Insurance agent contact information – name, phone number, address, email 
    • Detailed description of the loss 

If you choose to phone in your claim or submit it online, please make sure to have the above information handy. Please note: Claims of a serious nature should be phoned in. This allows the loss to escalate immediately. 

Information for submitting your claim, such as your policy number, can be found on your policy as shown below.


If you are unsure about your policy number, please contact our Customer Care Team here

Once your claim is processed, an adjuster will be assigned to the claim, and after reviewing the information provided, will make personal contact. 


Attune Client Toll-Free Number: 877-636-6996

Fax: 800-393-8104

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours/7 Days a Week, 365 Days


Mailing Address:

York Risk Services Group, Inc

Attn: OSC

P.O. Box 183188

Columbus, OH 43218-3188



Telephone: (800) 315-6090 

Fax: (866) 261-8507 

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours/7 Days a Week, 365 Days


Mailing Address

North American Risk Services 

P.O. Box 166002 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-6002 

Attn: New Loss Unit 


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