What is Attune's invoice schedule?

Invoices are created on the day the policy is bound and are due 5 days after the effective date. Invoices are emailed to the account email provided, as well as the binding broker.

If an installment plan was selected, subsequent invoices are due on the anniversary of the policy effective date and sent 5 days prior. For 10 payment schedule, we will issue 10 invoices on the same day each month. Quarterly pay invoices are issued 3 months apart, on the same day of the month as the initial invoice.

If payment is not received, a reminder email is sent at 5 days past due, a cancel warning email is sent at 8 days past due and Notice of Cancellation is sent at 10 days past due. Notice of cancellation is sent certified mail to the insured and a copy emailed to the broker.

Policies are billed at the account level. Meaning, your insured will receive one bill for both their BOP and Excess policies.  

Invoice links can be accessed through the Billing List Page on the Attune Portal.

Your insured can pay off their remaining policy premium by hitting the Pay in Full button on the bottom of the invoice. This option is currently only available on invoices for accounts in good standing.

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