How do I navigate around the Attune portal?

We want this experience to be as seamless for you as possible. Our Attune logo in the top left corner will always take you back to the main account screen. 

The three icons along the left hand side under our logo can also help you navigate our portal. The top icon (address book) is the account page, the middle icon (dollar sign) is the billing list page and last (orange life raft) is the support tab. 

The account page is split into three panes, the account search/list on the left, the selected account in the middle and the quotes/policies in the right pane. 

The billing page has a search and filter function to make sure invoices don't go unpaid. 

The support tab will help navigate to our contact info, underwriting guidelines, and frequently asked questions. There is also a tab for our enhancement library and any news/updates we have posted.

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