How can I add Excess Liability to my quote?

If you are quoting a BOP that is eligible for an Excess Liability quote, you can choose to quote Excess liability while completing your BOP quote. 

 1. Under the “Liability Coverages” section, you are prompted with, “Would you like Excess Liability
coverage?”. By default, this is set to No. Select “Yes” in order to add Excess Liability to the quote.
Note - This is only available when the Per Occurrence limit is set to $1,000,000 or $2,000,000.
2. Once Excess Liability is added, you’ll be asked to choose the Excess Liability Limit and have the
ability to schedule Employers’ Liability and/or Commercial Auto coverage to the quote.
3. Once the BOP and XS is quoted, a manual ticket is triggered and an Excess specialist with reach out in 24-48 hours with a quick indication of the Excess premium.
If you would like to add Excess to a bound policy, please contact Attune Customer Care with the BOP policy number and XS limits.
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