How can I view the account billing history and schedule of invoices for my BOP?


You can now access a schedule of invoices which includes both billed to date and future scheduled invoices from any invoice page. 

How to access the schedule of invoices

  1. Navigate to any Attune invoice associated with the policy period you're looking for. Click on the "view invoice" button at the bottom of your email. (For brokers, you can also navigate here from the Invoices tab on the Attune portal)
  2. This will land you on the invoice page. You should see a box labeled "Schedule of Invoices" on the top righthand side. Click on "click here to view" and PDF will download to your device.                        Screen_Shot_2020-05-22_at_2.22.27_PM.png
  3. Click on the download to open up the document. Below is an example of how the document will look.                         Screen_Shot_2020-05-22_at_2.30.00_PM.png
Term Definition
Paid The invoice has been paid.
Billed The invoice has been billed, but not yet paid.
Scheduled    The invoice is not yet billed, and will be on the date listed under "bill date". 
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