What payment plan options are available for EMPLOYERS®?

Certain Payment Plan options are only available to policies with a specific premium amount:

  • 100% Down (Annual Pay)- ALL Policy Sizes
  • 30% Down + 3 Equal Installments (Available to Policy Sizes > $1,000)
  • 20% Down + 9 Equal Installments (Available to Policy Sizes > $1,000)
  • 10% Down + 9 Equal Installments (Available to Policy Sizes > $2,500)
  • 0% Down + Pay-As-You-Go (PrecisePay®) (Available to Policy Sizes > $1,500)
    • Please note: EMPLOYERS® cannot change a policy to PrecisePay midterm; they must request it at a minimum of 90 days before the renewal effective date. 

In order to request a payment plan change, please reach out to Attune Customer Care.


What is Precise Pay?

    • PrecisePay is the EMPLOYERS® (pay-as-you-go) premium payment program that allows policyholders to make smaller, more frequent premium payments by paying each payroll period.
    • PrecisePay calculates the workers’ compensation premium from a business's actual payroll figures and assigned classifications each time payroll is processed and submitted to EMPLOYERS®. State-mandated assessments, taxes, and surcharges are collected in accordance with state law. Payroll information can be submitted to EMPLOYERS® by a policyholder or by their approved payroll service provider.
    • To learn more about PrecisePay, please visit this link.
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