Why was my EMPLOYERS®️ workers' compensation quote declined?

There are several different reasons that a quote may have been declined.

1. “This quote was declined because the FEIN is already reserved in EMPLOYERS®️ system”

      • This insured has already been quoted in the EMPLOYERS®️ system, either by a broker through Attune, or a broker quoting with EMPLOYERS®️ directly.
      • In order to request the quote be moved to your agency, please submit a completed Acord 36 through the Attune Help Center.

2. “Risk Quality or Exposures”

      • There are several options that a quote may decline for this reason
        • Number of employees and estimated annual payroll is too low for EMPLOYERS®️
        • An Underwriting question was answered unfavorably

3. “EMPLOYERS®️ is unable to develop adequate premium for the exposures”

      • The annual estimated payroll listed on the quote is too low for EMPLOYERS®️ to write the risk.

For assistance in having a declined quote reviewed, please reach out to our Attune Customer Care team.

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